Saturday, August 07, 2004

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So i've finally changed my template. So many people complained :( . This isnt that good but i think it should be good enough. This had better stay for a month atleast and till i find another beautiful homogenous picture :) .The stupid template kept me from posting before.

So spent most of Thursday morning in bed enjoying the winter morning. Unfortunately the tendency carried over on Friday making me miss two classes, and this is after we have mandatory 85% attendance rules! (Sucky rule i know , just started this year , courtesy V i guess ) .

We also had the first quiz club session of this sem on Thursday. Except for our group the rest of the people , some new juniors seemed kinda lost . I guess our sense of humour wasnt getting to them :) . I managed to get two answers right :), two only that i knew or guessed :D .

One was: A person complained to a newspaper about a movie (recent one released somewhere in the past 4 years) that the pelicans they'd showed in the movie were the wrong species, as in they didnt belong to the country where the film was based .They should have been Australian but werent . When he pointed out this to the editor, the editor replied to this saying that there had been an even more glaring mistake in the movie . So the question was to guess the movie and the glaring mistake (now when i type this q i do find it kind of vague :) ) .
So guess people ? What do you think ? Answers in the next post :) .
Clue :its an animated movie . Now thats a big enough clue :) .

Another question was about Pyra labs which turned into something else . This i'm sure everybody would know .Specially considering its so relevant here :)) .

Guys do seem to have a one track mind , i guess Sat couldnt help cracking some unneeded gross jokes about soft tissue and hard tissue and god knows what . The original question was about the relation : funny bone and its biological name 'humerus' :) .

Later he made some dumb comments on Kir's icecream . Though it was funny and i couldnt stop laughing (Kir stomped off ) , i it was pretty childish and something he could have thought but shouldnt have said atleast. Kir was livid till the evening , even though she's a pretty good sport , splly when it comes to matters like these .

Yesterday had to start work for our presentation today but NS has to go to the agents school and Sat to another quiz , so we have to postpone it . First Vk said no , then he relented . Asked me to meet him at 3:30 which was supposed to be our origninal meeting time. NS is not replying to my calls >: . Seems the second years should attend our presentation . *Gulp* . I'll have to inform them that we're not having it today and if not today on wednesday .

Sat and I had fun while we were working yesterday. He was using gaim and he got a message from a rather romantic id which made me go 'Ayehaiiiiiiii, Sat' . To which he replied it was a much-laughed-at classmate(male) of ours , who started writing stuff like 'Kahan rehta hai tu yaar, baat hi nahin karta' and i replied saying 'Yeah, i know, i miss you so much' and other stuff like that while Sat kept going Aaarrrrrrrrrr.Things got to a head when while asking for another guy's yahoo id , i typed 'tu nahin toh woh sahi ' .. no replies came after that .Guess i scared him off :D .

A little later another guy was iming sat about checking out his blog . In the middle of the conv he used the c word and Sat made this big show of how abominable it was that he had typed a 'bad' word in front of a gurrrlll. Not like he himself doesnt, so i was like 'Big deal,now shut up and get back to work' and he actually messages the guy saying ' you dont know what a bad thing you've done'.To which other guy replied saying 'What? That mail i sent or the post ? What are you talking about? ' getting extremely bothered. Then this guy writes '_____ is sitting here . And you just typed a very very bad word' . Immediately came the reply ' SHit yaar . Chot hogayi. Mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai? ' Both of us burstout laughing. Apparently this guy is very keen on having a good impression on the girls :)) . Incidentally both of us were born on the same day, same year :D . Cool no ? Yesterday i saw him and said 'Oye ,tumhari birthday aa rahi hai na?' to which he replies saying 'Haan, teri bhi na shayad?' :D . And i had been trying to crack a joke :)) . Sad only like Rn says.

Last last night we watched Hyderabad Blues 2. Sucky movie . Awful. Very badly directed . I havent watched one though, heard its pretty good .

Kept playing Yahoo's text twist the whole day yesterday .Anagrams have been one of my first loves, am pretty good at it :D . But its always more fun playing with two people or more . Yesterday Rn,pitti and I played , reached 82000 before we got stuck at preves.. which turned out to be vesper.. which is a word we did not know :( .

Free mock CAT test tomorrow . So gotta go and get the hall tickets.Then meet VK and then go home .

Had a 'healthy interaction' with a subjun last night. Population,rn and I had lots of fun yesterday, till the guard had to come and throw us out of the periphery of the girls hostel.

Why do people post so few and far in between. I'm tired of checking up people's blogs to see if they've updated it or not . Hmmph! OMG , i think im turning into a compulsive blogomaniac. Sheesh . :D

Blogging rules!

Reading:To Kill A Mocking Bird

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