Thursday, August 12, 2004


Sigh . I found out that I had had the most number of hits today(a very modest number) (as in yesterday technically ) so thought someone would have sent me birthday wishes. When I checked the comments there were none related to my birthday .Boo hoo . I suppose i should have also put a warning 10 days ago like Handa :) .

So I'm waiting people , have some pity on this hapless soul . Wish me!

Just got back from cutting the cake. They got the Midways cake (Yay! :D ) and i was absolutely delighted. Though we've moved apart this year, i realized they all still mean a lot to me . So came stuffed to the party, RSB and all, cut the cake. Then the whole delhi gang showed up with the other birthday boy, both of us wished each other and said same to you :) . They hung around for a while and left ... then i gave a speech coz thats what they'd made pitti do on her bday . Was rather pathetic :) , but then what else could i say . No gift :( . But I'd thought i'd be more disappointed , but im not :) , so its fine .

Funny how much things have changed in a year. One of the most major things in my life took place a month after my last birthday and its so so different now . Yesterday something happenned that opened that wound again, but then it didnt last very long, though it felt horrible while it did .

I'm supposed to have gotten a card from someone i dont know very well, but apparently he's gone to sleep :( .

Will give the treat tomorrow i guess .. funny thing happenned with R and V . Hope it wont cause any problem .

Made a new friend today, hi to you if you're reading this :) .

My newmail says 'Linux webcam driver installation' , why cant it be 'To the most beloved me, happy birthday ' . Yes , I have cribbed enough . Good night people, hope to see you tomorrow .

Today is one of the most greatest days in the history of mankind, because a famous personality was born on this day :) . Waise Pete Sampras was also born today ( the 12th of August ) :) .

Love to one and all .

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