Tuesday, June 29, 2004

so the second one ..

asak ,
so long time and no writing .. lots of stuff happening here..

At home ..
Kavelu lag gaye . The house is looking real good now and very pretty . Havent been to the terrace upstairs in a long time .Dont stay much at home , and when i do , while it away sleeping . ( MOm and sis were joking that i'd send my kids to evening school coz i wouldnt be able to send them on time in the morning! .THey were also making fun of me when during the ijtema Aunty was talking about the good sister who does all the work and the bad sister who spends all the time sleeping , so the mother loves the good sister more :S. THey sure had a nice time over that ,)
Think of lots of stuff to blog about , wish there was some way you could do it just by thinkiing . How vast the area is which we can cover with our brain and imagination :) .
Read deep thinking by harun yahya , really good. Tells you how to utilize your brain for real useful purposes. This sunday we were listening to farhat hashmi's lecture on hujuraat , that people shouldnt make fun of other people , they might be better than them ( the verse from surah hujuraat) and the stuff she said about back biting and useless gossip was so true .Inshallah will refrain from it in the future as much as possible.It seems Hazrat Abu Bakr used to keep a stone in his mouth so that he wouldnt say things that might lead him to sin . Some times wish i could do that too. I blabber too much .And then she was saying how we make wrong suspicions about other people . And i realized that with a fresh example in front of me .Sis had gone to the ijtema on saturday ,and i'd thought she was whiling away time else where . Made me feel very guilty . Inshallah will stop this bad habit too .Once you start thinking bad thoughts a bout people its amazing how you can go on and on and on . One of the most unachievalble feats that leads to jannat is someone going to bed without a trace of hatred in his heart. Man , that must be so hard. One other very impressive thing she said was that since when you backbite your 'nekis' go to that person , the best backbiting is that of your mother coz she deserves your nekis the most!! What a way to make your point !
And alhamdulillah alhamdulillah .. i got an A- in AI. The grade is still to change in my ISAS login , but it was great. Pudi was sooo sweet, he listened to me in spite of the fact htat my last visit to him had been two weeks before , changed my marks (will you go out for a minute , please ? :D ) and told me that my grade changed while asking very sweetly if i could rearrange the papers i had jumbled up :D . I could have hugged him then :D .
Yesterday was ranj's birthday .Gifted her a packet of balloons :D , just a morning impulse. The card i bought her is the one i bought when i splurged at archie's the other day , its such a sweet card (and im chadaofying it :) ) .Today she took me n R out to Shikaar and then melting moments.Had fun :) . Totally full right now .
Baba is yet to get his laptop . Dont know when that will be so i can chat to him .
Have lots of work to do .Last meeting was a disaster. Been going thru some friction with ranj , so thought would take it cool today and work my best tomorrow. Ranj kept bugging R about his love life and me too :D . Was funny .ANd when his dad called she did ahem ahem , so he got up and left for some time . Musta been scared though he denied it :D .
CHalo phir , am curious to explore muslim bloggers,

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