Wednesday, June 09, 2004


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All because of one shitty reporter (i'm sure he is just one of the scapegoats) thousands of innocent people have been injured/raped /killed in Iraq. Are they willing to take the blame for it ?
How much does it cost to make an apology ? Can it ever ever ever balance the number of lives lost , the number of lives ruined ? Reminds me of that dumb statement some people use to retort to sorrys , 'Sorry does not make a dead man alive '.
Wonder if it even weighs a little on their conscience ? Daniel Pearl was only one human being , what about those thousands of Iraqis? What about the women who would rather have their prison bombed than go through the humiliation they faced at the hands of the soldiers?

"Even now, he has yet to admit the failures in postwar planning and execution that have contributed to the current disorder in Iraq."-About Bush . Will this admission make any difference? Cant people understand the desperation the Iraqi civilians must be going through ? Its no wonder that they resort to suicide tactics . Though its no justification , what other choice do they have ? No one is willing to stand up against the superpower , the ones who do are terrorists. Another article i found talked about there being no conclusive proof that September 11 happened by the hands of the Al-Qaeda . Seriously , there is no proof . Just a lot of bullshit about islamic terrorists, always the default.

'Current DISORDER in Iraq' , the mild terms again. Like that article that came in the hindu titled 'the t word' for torture. Could you call so many dead people , such chaos , such deeply disturbing events disorder? Could you lose so many of your loved ones and then say my life is in a bit of disorder. Where the hell are their hearts? Where are their consciences? Are these people dead ??

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